Thursday, November 10, 2011

Incorporates Central Florida's Natural Resources in Recipes

Although Hart's cookbook incorporates Central Florida's regional foods, I found that I am able to get the majority of the ingredients in Texas - even Key Limes. I only found one item, Wood Duck, that is solely regional, but Hart gives the option to substitute Quail or Cornish Hen.

Perusing "The Bounty of Central Florida" my attention was drawn to Key Lime Cheesecake. It is rich, but light, and full of flavor. The Pecan Crust makes an ideal base for this cheesecake. The Best Flaky Pie Crust is short and browns well, however, makes a larger batch than indicated. For brunch, the Low Fat Blueberry Coffee Cake is ideal and goes well with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. The Chiffon Cake took be me back to my childhood when my mother made one for every Sunday. Rich and creamy is the Hollandaise Sauce and very easy because it's made in a blender giving it a guaranteed smooth texture.

"The Bounty of Central Florida" has easy step-by-step directions to follow and majority of the ingredients can be found in most kitchens. The pages are glossy and easy to wipe and the center has wonderful colored photos of many of the dishes. "The Bounty of Central Florida" is a must for anyone who enjoys simple cooking with an elegant flare.

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