Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story That Slam Dunks

Every once in a while an anomaly appears in sports, a one of a kind. Soccer had Pele, Golf has Tiger Woods, Bicycling has Lance Armstrong, Hockey has Wayne Gretsky, Swimming has Michael Phelps and Basket Ball has Michael Jordan. These men are not merely athletes they are legends and deservedly so. Their stories show us that super stars of humanity are not just born, they are made and they work to get there.

As fans we marvel at their strength of character, their agility and their uncanny ability to read the game, with a psychic like ability of intuition. How is it possible, where do they come from, how can one man be that good? It is questions like this that feed their legendary status, their mystique and their greatness, often making them 10-feet tall, not in 100-years from today, but right now in their prime.

These are the stories that capture our imagination and make us feel like we to hold special strength because we are also human. Their commitment, perseverance and shear brilliance captivates us in suspended belief. One of the best stories I have read about such folks is a book about Michael Jordan and it is a book I'll recommend to you also:

"Driven from Within" with Michael Jordan edited by Mark Vancil; Atria Books, New York, NY; 2000.

The story takes us through an odyssey of Michael Jordan's life, his endorsements, his family, his childhood, his hopes, his fears, his team and the Los Angeles Lakers organization. Nothing is sacred the book reveals all, it's an unbelievable journey and a life well lived

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